LifeSpring Preschool is a developmentally based center. The ages listed below are used as our guideline to ensure each child is enrolled in a classroom that fits his or her developmental needs.

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Starfish Class (6 mo - 2 yrs)

Our Starfish class is designed for our youngest friends at LifeSpring! Often children who enroll in our Starfish class are first timers to daycare. We understand that this can be big transition for both child and parents. We encourage parents to call and check in as much as they want and have an open-door policy. Our goal is to provide a loving, nurturing, clean and safe environment for our little ones. During their time in this class infants and toddlers will be invited to explore the classroom and have age appropriate stimulating activities to encourage their growth and development. 

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Angelfish Class (2 yrs - 2.5 yrs)

Our Angelfish Class is designed specifically for our older toddlers between the infant and preschool age. In this classroom our toddlers are invited to explore the classroom and engage in new and exciting hands on toddler activities. In this class we enjoy arts and crafts, circle time and introduction to our school’s theme based curriculum. As these children move into toddlerhood, becoming more aware of their self and others, we work on promoting healthy safe and positive relationships with others including gentle touches and beginning use of words and communication. 


Dolphin Class (2.5 yrs - 3 yrs)

Our Dolphin class is designed for our younger preschoolers. In this class one of the exciting things we begin to encourage and support potty training once parents, child, and teacher decide they are ready! The classroom set up becomes slightly more structured into areas of the class such as dramatic play, science/exploration, and table top activities. Children are encouraged to explore the areas of the classroom and engage with activities. They begin learning all aspects of our schools theme based curriculum with a fun and inviting approach.


Sea Turtle Class (3 yrs - 4 yrs)

Our Sea turtle class is designed for our 3 year olds. In this class some of our friends are still in the process of mastering the potty and we support them wherever they may be in their journey. Our Sea turtle class enjoys daily circle times, stories, art, crafts and the beginning stages of fine motor development that will later lead to early writing skills. In this class children begin to become more independent whether it be in their bathroom skills, self-help skills or choices of what activities they engage with for the day. Our Sea Turtles have a large classroom space to explore and many different areas set up with age appropriate stimulating activities! 


Jellyfish Class (4 yrs - Pre K)

Our Jellyfish Class is for our 4 year olds who will be entering our Pre K the following year. In the Jellyfish class our older preschoolers are encouraged to have mastered their bathroom skills. The Jellyfish begin a fun, inviting yet more structured day to day schedule. They begin to work on the early stages of Kindergarten readiness skills such as name recognition, letter recognition and phonological awareness. All aspects of our theme based curriculum are implemented. In this class we focus on positive relationships with others, and building other friends up. We use positive redirection, and “red and green choices” to help promote positive behaviors and a successful classroom environment.  


Sea Horse Class (Pre K)

Our Pre K classroom is specifically designed for children eligible to go to Kindergarten the following year. This means: throughout the year our Pre K students will be turning 5 years of age. Children now must be 5 years of age prior to September 1st to enter Kindergarten. As our oldest class, our Pre K children work throughout the year on kindergarten readiness skills. Our goal is that they leave our program set up for a successful year of Kindergarten! We believe this a vital year for children to begin preparation for today’s expectations in Kindergarten. Often, we have new students join our program this year specifically to have a year of Kindergarten preparation. At the end of the year we have graduation for our students as they head off to their new big adventure in elementary school. We feel very blessed to be part of this special time of their early childhood experience!